Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Poems by Monali Sen Choudhury

Beingpoet Introducing Monali Sen Choudhury. As a forest or mountain growing, her poetry blitz unto itself. Her poems are another name of legitimacy with the tone varying from serious to mocking; each poem brings to the fore issues currently besetting our society. She speaks of the anxieties of modern urban females; of their worries about identity and personality. She traces graphic silhouettes of both terror and little sweet dreams with equal ease. A heady mix of tumbling verbs, pictorial images and some refreshing metaphors…these poems leave you with enough to contemplate!  


Some taste of cinnamon heady and ripe,
Of black rich garters and pantyhose stripe.
Others weave a delicate form;
Of virgin glades and vanilla storm.
Rivers sparkle on the tongue
Mint rifles through, that’s not the only one;
Dark and clingy, chew on the souls
Caramel, cocoa, mmm… chocolate moulds
These lil girls of sugar and lard
Stuffed strawberries in muffin hearts
Like satin ribbons, blush and teal;
Caress a cupcake, mould and seal
Chocolate twirls and cherry twists
Custard, cakes and treacle feasts.
Like a lover in disgrace you banish me
Just one more bite my darling sweet pea
Did someone mention heaven’s road
Where lollipops guard the secret code?
Like lil girls of sugar and ice
They flounce, frolic doubly entice
O these lollipop dreams are the end of me
Perhaps if I scuttle down
Raid the fridge, act the clown …
Do you think they would punish an old woman like me
For suffering such indignity?
For don’t they know – when you are old and life’s duty duly done
Its candy hearts that must be won?
Wars and battles, tears and clout
Better governments, freedom, they shout;
The mills of gods grind slowly
We all know that bend
4 score years it took for me to comprehend
Changes come fast or slow 
As needs ebb and flow
But the lil things, they never go
Candies, flowers, smiles, enchanted towers
The supposed side show.
So don’t forget your lollipop dreams
While hearts will break and Wills might bend
And the common man will forget to send
Candy hearts in chocolate dreams
Those soothe the brow and lil eyes
Heaven on earth?
Why its here, say the wise.


And in the well she fell,
Tumbling, tossing, bumping, she fell till she thought she could fall no more
Black speed, furious and bright
Compelling … to fall … to fall ..
Till last she stops with a bump.
It was time – she looked around, it didn’t look so good
The black was all around
Sucking, breathing, pleading
Come my love – it whispered close, the waters warm
The sirens sing beyond ..
Come my heart – there are chocolate cups and windows of dreams
Rich colors swim, half way somewhere
Azure and green, swirls in twirls
And then a match ..scratch and hiss!
Hope creeps in
Open your eyes love and lets begin.
The well looks deep – she peered down
They always called again, again
‘maybe I will’ – she spoke aloud
The wind whistled all around, ‘come run with me’ – they fluttered past
A deep deep wound creaked around
She shivered and shook as it moved inside
Make room for me, for I abide
I stay above, below, inside
I rule the world with words of strife
I banish hope and burn out roads
I seek to die, I seek to lie
I am the nemesis of all you see.
The face staring back at you, is ME.


She gets up from her bed
Look at the mirror …. Look at me
It all looks bad .. it al looks stale
The TV blares
Look! look !….o ye lovely female
we’re all for sale
Its all preordained , come join the camp
Marriage, sex, beauty, all on the ramp
Choose the winner honey
Its all about the money, honey, money,money
Fifty crunches, one mean pie
Two hundred dresses, shit! No shoes! No high
It pays to be thinner
It pays to be slim
It pays to be meaner
The tabloids scream
Two and half friends
A lot dull .. has-beens
Too many scratches 
On her dream like sheen
One cup of juice, one veg sandwich , if you please
I have an appointment at the heavenly marquis
I want to be thinner
I swear .. I will be
Right there .. on the poster
The artistic nude you see
I want to be savvy
I want to be seen
I want to belong
I will not cling
I want to be thinner
Paper thin, like they are
Young, slim, gossamer
Woven in a silken web of dreams
I want to be thinner
That’s my prayer
I want to be thinner .. thinner … thinner
…… till I be one of them


Thoughts run faster than my hands
They quiver like quick-silver
Nervous and delight
Like midnight cats on the prowl
Wee – I screamed
It runs and swims and flies again
Like an airplane afloat
On cloths of rain
And slathered on the cloudless moon 
Shone the miracle of life.
The rivers flow below
Alarming, bright
And the fall is great
In highs and lows
The road moves steadily
Speeding, spending over the edge
And quick the lightening rings
You look below
At haunting images glowing, blow
Far far far it goes and stays a while
Trembling white and clear
And sadly so
The world spreads around like virus mud
Splattered clouds of cloudless skies.


I know you
In deep dark crevices you multiply
In shock, in tears, in wounds, in pain
You avidly seek believers new …
I know you ..
When the cradle rocks, you stand nearby
You whisper tales of immortality
You snigger, you pout, you tattle on
You do the rock, tv, sitcoms
I know you ..
When naphtha rocks the midnight sky
You step between the sheets and sigh
a good days work, you urge the ones
with broken limbs and long lost sons
I know you …
Like a basin of water you lie still
Heavy, comatose, till the next crisis
Then you flow thick and fast
Like blood after a baby hast
I know you …
You peep through windows, sly and quick
You smirk, you try your tawdry tricks
A touch here, a hum there
You sound the horn, a summons - come all
I know you …
You dare to stand, to see behold!
But alas ..you have perfect fools
Who shiver and dim with the sunset soon
So you win and win and win some more…
I know you…
You dread someday that hands would meet
When you are but a distant dream
When someone twists the looking glass
But till that day , you will dance on 
On broken wings fluttering still
On cities mute where cravens rule
I know you ….