Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Happy Birthday Franz Kafka !

Franz Kafka
Today is the birthday of Franz Kafka (3 July 1883 – 3 June 1924), was an influential German-language author of novels and short stories. Contemporary critics and academics, including Vladimir Nabokov, regard Kafka as among the greatest writers of the 20th century. The term "Kafkaesque" has become part of the English language. Kafka was born to middle class, German-speaking, Jewish parents, in Prague, Bohemia, then part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The house in which he was born, on the Old Town Square next to Prague's Church of St Nicholas, now contains a permanent exhibition devoted to the author. Most of Kafka's writing, including the large body of his unfinished work, was published posthumously. Presenting some Quotations : Being Poet
  • Religions get lost as people do.
  • A cage went in search of a bird.
  • It is often safer to be in chains than to be free.
  • A book must be the ax for the frozen sea within us.
  • A belief is like a guillotine, just as heavy, just as light.
  • Idleness is the beginning of all vice, the crown of all virtues.
  • I passed by the brothel as though past the house of a beloved.
  • A first sign of the beginning of understanding is the wish to die.
  • He who seeks does not find, but he who does not seek will be found.
  • How can one take delight in the world unless one flees to it for refuge?
  • Looking on oneself as something alien, forgetting the sight, remembering the gaze.
  • Believing in progress does not mean believing that any progress has yet been made.
  • There is a down-and-outness under true knowledge and a childlike happy arising from it.
  • We are separated from God on two sides: the Fall separates us from Him, the Tree of Life separates Him from us.
  • Tyranny or slavery, born of selfishness, are the two educational methods of parents; all gradations of tyranny or slavery.
  • Why do we complain about the Fall? It is not on its account that we were expelled from Paradise, but on account of the Tree of Life, lest we might eat of it.
  • Anyone who loves his neighbor within the limits of the world is doing no more and no less injustice than someone who loves himself within the limits of the world.
  • Believing means liberating the indestructible element in oneself, or, more accurately, liberating oneself, or, more accurately, being indestructible, or, more accurately, being.