Friday, June 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Dan Brown !

Dan Brown
Today is the birthday of an American author of thriller fiction Dan Brown, best known for the 2003 bestselling novel, The Da Vinci Code. Brown's (June 22, 1964) novels, which are treasure hunts set in a 24-hour time period, feature the recurring themes of cryptography, keys, symbols, codes, and conspiracy theories. His books have been translated into over 40 languages, and as of 2009, sold over 80 million copies. Two of them, The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons, have been adapted into feature films. The former opened amid great controversy and poor reviews, while the latter did only slightly better with critics. Presenting some poems : Being Poet
The space below, in which should go
perhaps the best words written yet.

Dead To Me

The remnants of you, I've put in a box; 
compartmentalised in my head.
Stacked it away behind various locks
and checked you off as dead. 

I Need

I need
something to be true; 
that knowledge I once knew -
I need a
bolt from the blue; 
I need a


Impossible to tell
what hides within that shell -
burning in Hell 


All those dazzling lights; 
memories on camera
but now, no action. 


Your mind thinks as it should, 
And your mouth says as it should.
The words are right, your eyes are bright, 
And there’s a smile across your face.
But your heart is absent; in a different place. 


A is for ache, the ache of my heart.
A is for absurd, which we were from the start.
A is for apologetic, I am I swear.
A is for affection, that will always be there.
A is for alone, which we are now we’ve split.
A is for absent, that light in my heart that once was lit. 

A Boyfriend's Rosebud

Your beauty is understated.
Your meaning is overrated.
But every time I receive you., 
I'm wonderfully elated. 

A Bus Ride From Hell

I sit at the back, as I always do.
Don’t want to be conspicuous.
Or asked to give up my seat. 

A Farewell

I never had the chance to shine
before you chose to draw a line
under the time when you were mine -
farewell my precious Valentine. 

A Thought

We must be so careful of what we say these days.
But I was thinking the other day, which, I know, is un-PC, 
And I thought ‘Why must we
be so politically correct, 
when politics themselves aren’t? ’ 

Aa, Bb, Cc

I decided, the other day, to join the AA.
I heard they do roadside
Assistance. Now that’s quite handy.
Because I often end up in a 
Ditch after a few drinks. 


For you have seeds, I know
you're desperate to sow, so go! 
Go and be free: 
be the person you
kept from me - go! 
I never thought you could stoop so low -
swinging my feelings to and fro -
I beg of you, 

Please Excuse Me

Please excuse me while
I try a small smile; 
while I hold back cries
as the late light dies.

Please excuse me while
I sift through the pile
and put you in place, 
my happy-sad face.

Please excuse me for
a moment, to draw
breath against the breeze
that makes my lungs freeze.

I can't make you see
so please, excuse me. 


This is me, 
of all but my name; 
a troubled pictureless frame.
Stripped of
clothes; of
clever words; of
shields and walls
behind which I hide.
This is me, 
naked -
even of my pride.
This is me -
the me I want you to see; 
bare -
revealing things I wouldn't
dare -
and offering myself
to you.
Every blemish and flaw
that you loved before
and still, in some way, do.
I stand before you -
this is me, 
Beat me; relieve me; 
touch me; tease me but please -
please don't leave me.
This is me.


Rain drops
from a darkened sky, 
nondescript and
prepared to die.
Heavy are some -
moreso than the rest; 
perhaps they have a heavier chest.
Falling, falling, falling -
endlessly falling and
splashing; crashing.
Rain drops -
so many descriptors.
Why? Why must it always
be… Doing something? 
Pouri ng.
Why can't it just…

… Fall? 

A Note On Suicide

It isn’t brave, and it isn’t clever, 
to inflict pain on other people forever.
Life isn’t all about you.
Your life isn’t all about you.
That rope hangs your family too, 
and those pills kill your friends.
The pain, hurt and upset 
doesn’t stop when your life ends.
So please don’t do it.
Please just take a moment to think.
People will die with you
when you drink that deadly drink.
Don’t tell me I don’t understand.
Twice I tried and twice I bailed.
Twice I tried and twice I failed.
Don’t tell me I don’t understand.
I came through, and so can you.
Let that light at the end of the tunnel be a fresh start.
Don‘t let it be the glint of the blade that enters your heart.
Think about how many have died.
Think about how many have sat and cried.
Think again about your selfish suicide.