Sunday, December 04, 2011

in search for 2 why light : steven van neste

Steven Van Neste
Steven Van Neste is a young poet from belgium. Presenting some poems : Being Poet
The heart attack

The world weeps
Like a starving child
Spirit of innocence defiled
Women turn into witches
And the enchantment turns to decay
And opening your eyes
Like a starving child
You come to weep
And like a Mother you suffer
The dead of children
And like a father you die
Amidst the bullets


Standing there
Behind the curtains
Of elegance
With the red sun shinning
Through the peeping holes
Like little Dutch canals
Afraid of flooding
When the surge overcomes
Seduced by the snake
With a worm
Portrait of complicity
And weeping movements
Structured along the corridor
As trees become pillars
Of salt
When she turned her face

in search for To Why Light : three

I can only
Look upon
As your breath evaporates
Upon the swamplands of tomorrow
Perhaps someday
Take a trip to meet the gargoyle

With the last full eclipse
You cried on my shoulder
And through the looking glass
Your face did get magnified
And you said
That you were an angel
And when I died
I realized you were
And when I cried
I realized I was
And I held your hand
And I fell down
And you were gone
And I was there
And I woke up
And I said
That you were an angel